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The Stitch are a five member band Preston based.This site has all information you need to find about the band. Follow the links to find out information about the guys, photos, upcoming gig dates, and ways of contact.


Hey! no one had posted anything for a while so i thaught i would! please tell your mates about us and pass on the adress so we can gain world spread fame! Anywhoo thoes who support us keep on doing so, and hopefully you will see us on the haunted fish tank(T.V.) very soon!
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hey! nothing intresting to say i just wanna see my message on the website! oh infact i do have something intresting to say. Aithcy i hope im ok saying this but hey. If anyone who reads this would like bass guitar lessons either email moi on King_kule@hotmail.com (great address i know!) or text/ring 07946572440 ask for Joe for information cheers. Buh bye now.
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If you would like any information about the band, or if you would like to be notified of any future gigs, releases, photo shoots etc... please text 07746445617 saying "STITCH ME". This will ad you to our text database and any band info will be sent directly to you. If you have already subscribed and wish to unsubscribe just send a text to 07746445617 saying "i wish to be unstitched". texts charged at normal rate, free if thats normal 4 your phone.
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we raised £55 for charity so far, lets get this figure up! Last year it wasjust over £1000, this year we are going to beat it! support us by purchasing tickets for our charity concert on the 31st March and the 1st April. Tickets £5 each, all proceeds are going to charity, should be a damn good night!to order tickets email aitchyman@hotmail.com or ibolton@hotmail.com
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we went busking today.Isnt that Nice!

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Hey ya'll what up? Ol' Joe here thankin people for cummin to the gig and supporting us means a lot (well to me dunno about the others!! lol) anywhoo just testing to see if this thing works so yeah watch this space!
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NEXT GIGS- 18th March Battle of The Bands
- 25th March Paddy Mulligans
- 31st March Charity Concert
- 1st April Charity Concert
- 14th April John O'Gaunt
- others in Preston are still to have their dates confirmed, but we wil be playing at The Unicorn, The Mitre Tavern, Roper Hall, Lamb and Packet and possibly The Mill battle of the Bands.Also have a gig at the mill confirmed, but don't know the date yet!

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JOHN O'GAUNT GETS ROCKED! well, what can i say,i think we kicked arse! we got 3 more gigs from this one, a possible regular slot at a music cafe opening soon in carnforth, and a guy who ownes liquid!who said if we give him a ring n get him to come down to our next gig at Paddy Mulligans on 25th March, n if we impress him, we could get a years contract with him!no idea what he means by that but hey its worth givin it a go! Cheers to all who came down, we've been asked back to John's on the 14th april.
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