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The Stitch are a five member band Preston based.This site has all information you need to find about the band. Follow the links to find out information about the guys, photos, upcoming gig dates, and ways of contact.


Evenin' all. Well the gig at Paddy's last night went smoothly with no hitches at all......we wish! In all fairness to ourselves we were good lol!. The night got of to a slow start but we pulled back in the second half resulting in another gig there on the 10th of april so make sure you are there. Also, before i leave, there will be a live ep out soon, and also the release date for the album 'SNAREIFICATION' is the 9th of april at our gig in the Mitre. Check out our up comnig gigs and be sure to catch us in action doin' what we do best
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Hello folks! Tickets for the Mill gig are on sale now priced 3 english pounds. See me or Aitchy for tickets must be sold asap, plus we need to get a big fan base down to make us looke big and good and all that! so yeah please purchase a ticket today or whenever u can before the 24th! Buh bye now!
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GIGS: The Battle of The Bands is no all sorted out. 350 tickets were on sale, only 78 tickets left so get them quick! thats on the 18th march at Lancaster Hall. First band starts at seven. Then we have the following:
-24th March- The Mill, Preston
-25th March- Paddy Mulligans, Lancaster
-31st March- Charity concert, Lancaster
-1st April- Charity concert, Lancaster
-9th April- The Mitre Tavern, Preston
-14th April- John 'O Gaunt, Lancaster, we return to rock once again!

Text database is running for anyone who wants information about the band, just text "STITCH ME" with your name, to 07746445617 and you will be added. See you at our next gig!

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