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The Stitch are a five member band Preston based.This site has all information you need to find about the band. Follow the links to find out information about the guys, photos, upcoming gig dates, and ways of contact.


Well, what can i say.Its been a great couple o weeks. To use Iains "hilarious" phrase; The Stitch have been well n truely "Stitched" together.haha.i apologise.hmmmmmm...anyway...Of course i want to thank everyone who came to watch us. Obviously I'm biased, but Becky in particular, who not only came to all the last three, but also drove to Kirby on the night of Paddy Mulligans just to pick up her friend (and our hopeful future employer) Mrs.Monica, AND took her home afer, so THANKS BECKY! And of course the one person who deserves a very special mention, we all hold him close to our hearts, our manager (when it suits him), our friend (when it doesn't), Mr.Ben.Gardener. THANKS BENNY BOY! WE'RE SORRY IF YOU FEEL USED! BUT WE DID USE PROTECTION, AND THATS ROCK 'N ROLL FOR YOU!!!:D
SOooooo...anyway... WE're givin it a rest for a month or two, doing some song writing, sortin out our song list, any requests are more than welcome, u name em n we'll play em. just email any of us, (See Contacts). The album is due to be released in a few weeks, thanks to chris whose been mixing it down, or up, i can never remember which one! It's been a great year, everything has come together, and it's all lookin good for next year. Maybe we'll be famous, who knows, but we won't forget the little people who were here at the beginning!(and besides, they're the only people Iain realy sees eye to eye with!hehe) If you want to hear us again, then find us gigs! SO REMEMBER PEOPLE..............................THE STITCH! COMING SOON TO A UNI NEAR YOU! AND GOODNIGHT AND FAREWELL THY FEATHERED FRIEND!I THANKYOU>signing off
posted by Aitchy


Evenin' all. Well thats it gig wise for a while. We are havin a month or two off for exams. (will also give my arms a long needed rest!) The album snarification is entering its post production stages so it should be ready in the next month so be sure to get your copy, sooner rather than later! If any 'fans' takes the time to read this then thanks for the support and we will see you at our next gig.
posted by Joe

Hello to all you loyal stitch fans! Well last night at the John O'Gaunt probally could of run alot smoother! Overall it was a good night though.
Thanks to everyone who showed up to support us, especially all the people who came all the way from preston to see us. Also I would like to thank Ben and all the other "Roadies" on behalf of the band for helping us take the gear up to lancaster.
Keep checking the website for UPDATES on gigs and bands news.
posted by iain

NEWS UPDATE: The Stitch's Debut Album "Snarification" is very near completion and will be out soon. Order your copy NOW by contacting any of the stitch band members or email me on ibolton@hotmail.com
posted by iain

Hiya everyone! Well we've had a brilliant couple of gigs this week. On friday night at the mitre tavern in Preston and at the always warm and welcoming Paddy Mulligans in Lancaster. Just like to say a special thanks to Jimmy and Adelle, who in true Stitch fan style came to both gigs!
Our next gig is on.....WEDNESDAY 14TH APRIL @ JOHN O'GAUNTS, LANCASTER start at 8pm..... we expect to see all of our fans there as it is our last gig until after the exams. So come and shout your voices out!
We are The Stitch!!!
posted by iain


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