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The Stitch are a five member band Preston based.This site has all information you need to find about the band. Follow the links to find out information about the guys, photos, upcoming gig dates, and ways of contact.


AMAZING NEWS: The lyrics for "The Jiz Song" are now on the site, so go check'em out and have a laugh at my lyrical genius! Campers and early fans will no all about the jiz song! Have fun!

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AMAZING NEWS! You won't believe who i met today in Niece, France. LIONEL RICHIE. Just thought it was someone who looked like him at first but then it turned out to actually be him!!Got to be honest here, that guy is very cool!such a nice man!took two photos which will be up on here shortly, but the AMAZING PART, LIONEL RICHIE HAS OUR ALBUM!what a guy! nearly chickened out of givin it to him, kinda got a bit star struck, although thats probably not the kind o thing to admitt being a hardened rocker n all, but hey, the mans a great musician. He may possibly be reading this, not very likely, but you gotta take your chances, so hi Mr.Richie.Thanks alot for takin the time to even talk to me! quite quite amazing!
ANYHOW, other news, the album is now going platinum, which is always a good thing,(that means we've sold over 40 by the way) so if u want one get in touch! aitchyman@hotmail.com, or 07746445617 for our text database, see below for further details.
GIG NEWS! next gig, 24th August, Popes Place,
2nd/3rd September, The Crypt, Lancaster,
10th September, Strettles, Preston,
17th September, (Still to be confirmed)
18th September, Paddy Mulligans, Lancaster (they asked for us!)
keep checkin the site for news, music downloads will soon be available, Cheers! Aitchy

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